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It's February 3rd, 2015 and I am sooo excited! This awesome mmo WildStar finally dropped the patch of my dreams! Ok, I don't really dream about patches but I have been anticipating this perticular drop since it was announced. Later today (in about 20 minutes) @Bazeleel will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting with Carbine's Lead Designer Brett Scheinert (formerly the Dungeon and Raid Lead) and Steven Engle, Lead Combat Designer where they will be discussing the new drop and whatever else comes to their minds. It will be streamed live but you can also rewatch it at WildStar's Twitch channel. 

Highlights of today's drop include 

  • Level 50 Veteran Shiphands
  • New level 6 shiphand They Came From Fragment Zero
  • New level 10 dungeon Protogames Academy
  • New Level 50 dungeon The Ulitmate Protogames
  • Itemization Revisions
  • 20 man version of Datascape (40 man)
  • Improved Warplot Queuing and game mechanics
  • Improved Renown Vendor Itemization
  • New Glory currency
  • Additional loot for 'pug' groups
  • In-game Character Customization with Gear Preview
  • New housing decor and options
  • Even more ways to get Elder Gems
  • Improved questing for lower levels

For more information you can check out our new page The Protogames Initiative where we highlight the drop and provide you with links to read the articles for yourself! 

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