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This month we interview Aearowen from Ex Inferno!
IconExilesSimpleIconDominionSimple Caretaker (NA)

What makes your guild special?
We are more of a community really than just a "Guild". We play WoW, Minecraft, SW:TOR AND Wildstar! We are Cross-Faction... This means that we help folks on both factions. We mostly try and flag ourselves PvP too as well, we almost always roll on PvP servers. Carbine didn't allow X-Faction at Headstart and only changed their minds at Launch, sooo... we rolled on a PvE server. Turns out, since we are Cross-faction and telegraphs and all, that was probably a good thing. :D
Oh, we are also both North American and European!

What is your guild's history?
We've been around for quite a long time... Since maybe 2008 as a variety of different names.

Do you have a guild motto or philosophy?
Progression over Personal Gain. Effectively, this means that you should always care about the communities progress over your own personal progress. We want the entire community to succeed and as we lift up the community we lift up the individual.

What is your most memorable moment or accomplishment as a guild?
One of our Raids "Game Theory" (No longer with us in the interest of full disclosure) achieved 1/6 GA Realm first and the first 5/6 L50 Realm firsts. We are still proud of their/our achievements. Also, our Dominion guild has just downed X-89 on North American side. And our Dom EU guild is on the cusp of getting X-89 down too. Our Exile community is about to step into GA too!
If you're recruiting, what are you looking for in a Guild Member?
We are always looking for members: Casual to Elite. if interested!

How are decisions made in the guild? (democracy, etc.)
Wow... this one is best explained with our Organizational Chart. (Current as of 8-4-2014, click for original)
Do any guild members know each other irl, and if they do, are there any guild activities outside of the game?
A lot do! Some are married or in relationships. Some have RL friends etc...

Do you consider any guild your friendly rival?
Not really. We wish the best to all guilds on our server.

Do any members play other MMOs - if so, what, and does the guild have a presence in those?
Multiple raids in WoW, Minecraft server and Ops groups in SW:TOR.

Is there anything else you really want people to know about the guild? Contact info, website, etc. Click Apply, feel free to listen to the Soundcloud file we have there as an intro to who we are as a community.

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