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This month we interview KrayVinDark from Unknown Heroes!
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What makes your guild special?
The Unknown Heroes is special due to our mid-core style. We allow members to set up their own dungeon/raid groups, PvP/Arena teams, and/or just about anything else you can think of. We have a members first stance, and a very strict "Don't be a d*ck" policy.

What is your guild's history?
The Unknown Heroes started back in City of Heroes and had a strong presence there until the game closed. During that same time, branches were also set up in Star Trek Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic; each branch working independently of one another. Leadership of each branch has changed hands from time to time, but the principles they were founded on stayed the same.

Do you have a guild motto or philosophy?
Everybody needs a Hero.

What is your most memorable moment or accomplishment as a guild?
Every moment in Unknown Heroes is memorable. We take great pride in any and everything we do; from a new member joining, someone being promoted to the Officer Corps, to finally finishing content that we've been bashing our heads against. Heroes are a very excitable bunch.
If you're recruiting, what are you looking for in a Guild Member?
We are always recruiting friendly, helpful players that enjoy playing their respective games and want to make the most out of their game time.

How are decisions made in the guild? (democracy, etc.)
Decisions are ultimately up to the Guild Council Members, but feedback and opinions from all members are sought and considered to determine the best course of action for the Guild as a whole.

Do any guild members know each other irl, and if they do, are there any guild activities outside of the game?
There are quite a few people who are friends when AFK, however, our members are spread from one coast of the United States to the other, with a few overseas, so activities outside of the game is very difficult to coordinate.

Do you consider any guild your friendly rival?
Not at the moment.

Do any members play other MMOs - if so, what, and does the guild have a presence in those?
The aforementioned STO and SWToR, as well as Rift and ESO. Currently, however, SWToR is the only other MMO with an active Unknown Heroes chapter.

Is there anything else you really want people to know about the guild? Contact info, website, etc.
You can look us up at We are always willing to help one another out of a pinch. Be it in-game or out (when circumstances allow) We are a family of nerds, geeks, and above all, gamers.

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