Whether you're addicted to cosplay, have fretted over your character's particular look in that outfit, or have an adept artistic eye (Halloween themed!), this is for you! Submit your best shot of any of the above - and yes, it can be past work, as well - and we'll sift through the entries and decide on a winner on Halloween itself in each category adequately represented. If enough entries are thrown at us (not shot at us, you Dominion!) we may even choose a winner for each week, with Halloween) highlighting the best.

Just drop a single pic in the comments section to participate; if your work is chosen, you can then provide as many pics as you'd like! Participants may submit one entry per category!

Cosplay [1]
Character Costume [2]
Wildstar halloween ball by momo deary-d6s7ztv.png
Halloween Art [3]

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