Hey there, fellow space-farers! While you're busy slogging your way through ankle-biting chua, avoiding getting mobbed by fuzzy-eared lopps, or otherwise swinging that cannon around to annihilate the enemy, we wanted you to take moment to catch a quick breath. That's right. Everyone just freeze in place while those furballs keep doing their thing.

What we've got for you cupcakes is a new feature called Maps. With this you can take any map found in the game and plot some pinpoints with notes all over it. Maybe it's a map of a zone and you just want to tell folks how to get places. Maybe it's a personal map of all your favorite watering holes. No matter, just head on over to this tutorial and some non-chua engineers will tell you how to work all the gizmos and gadgets - without blowing you up! There even a place to leave some and feedback.

We've presented a simple map for you below in honor of our ongoing PvP Month and Daggerstone Pass. Enjoy! Now go back to fending off the little varmints.

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