IconDominion  Varonia Cazalon  IconDominion
Title Vigilant Church
Gender Female
Race Cassian
Type Superior
Target 40-man
Armor Rating 18

Varionia Carzalon is the current High Sentinel of the Vigilant Church after she overthrew the previous one during the end of Vorias the False's reign.

History Edit

Nothing is known about Varonia's past except her status as a Highborn priestess before Vorias The False was overthrown by Myrcalus. During that time, Galvion was the High Sentinel who was known for his corruption and his allegiance to Emperor Vorias. When Varonia heard the news of Vorias the False's demise, she took the garment of Evindra the Wise and the staff of Tristan. Aided by her Radian Legion allies, she quickly dismantled Galvion's barricades and his guard surrendered in fear. Varonia Cazalon delivered the sentence of Galvion's crime by throwing him to the crowds of malcontents, who proceeded to slaughter him. After her heroic action to redeem the Vigilant Church, she became the new High Sentinel.

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