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The Vigilant Church is the central religion for the Dominion. Through the deification of the Eldan, the Vigilant Church offers a compelling religious foundation for the ruling power of the Luminai, as well as defining all Dominion citizens as the chosen inheritors of the Eldan's legacy. Vigilant temples can be found in many Dominion territories, and offer daily services - known as vigils - for all of its members.

Organization and Beliefs Edit

Vigilant Doctrine Edit

Vigilant doctrine is based on three simple principles. They are as follows:

  1. The Eldan ascended to godhood-and therefore deserve worship and reverence.
  2. The Luminai are descended directly from the Eldan-and therefore are fit to lead the Dominion.
  3. Dominion citizens are the chosen people of the Eldan-and therefore are the rightful heirs to their legacy when they return.

If one believes in these assertions, they are accepted into the church. Once accepted, members of the church - known as Vigilants - are expected to aspire to the six Vigilant Virtues.

Vigilant Doctrine As part of the Vigilant Declaration, the children of Dominus, known collectively as the Scions, were canonized - in effect, becoming saints of the Vigilant Church. Each of the Scions is associated with one of the six Vigilant Virtues:

  • the Strength of Azrion the Conqueror,
  • the Courage of Tristan the Valiant,
  • the Justice of Bronos the Just,
  • the Purity of Evindra the Righteous,
  • the Devotion of Korol the Devout, and
  • the Knowledge of Galen the Adept.

Radiant Legion Edit

The Vigilant Church have their own militant branch known as Radiant Legion. The current commander is Commander Toric Antevian, one of the few Lowborn Cassians who rose up from below. They were known for their courage in battle and piety towards the Scions. In addition, they are considered one of the few best military groups in the Dominion. Each recruit must disavow their loyalty to their previous organization and pass the Trials to become one.


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