Vitality Burst
Icon skillspellslinger vitality burst
2.6 sec charge
12 Focus/charge
Range 25.0 m
8 sec cooldown
Restores health to yourself and 4 allies.

C1: x Health, 4.00s cd
C2: x Health, 6.00s cd
C3: x health, 8.00s cd

Spell Surge: Reach full charge in 1.30s.

Tier Upgrade
C1: +x health
C2: +x health
C3: +x health
Tier 4 Major Upgrade
Each Charge Level grants a Bastion for 5.0s.

C1: Bastion: Increases outgoing healing by 4%.
C2: Bastion: Increases outgoing healing by 6%.
C3: Bastion: Increases outgoing healing by 8%.

Tier 8 Major Upgrade
C3: While under the effects of Spell Surge, restore x health every 1.50s for 3.0s.

Patch changes Edit

  • IconPatch Strain Ultradrop:Tier 8 Bonus will now roll for a chance to heal critically each hit.

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