Granok Warrior Art
Role: Melee DPS, Tank
Equipment: Power Sword, Arm Cannon
Armor: Heavy Armor
Resource: Kinetic Energy
Primary Attributes: Assault Power (DPS), Support Power (Tank)
Secondary Attributes Critical Hit, Critical Hit Severity, Vigor, Multi-Hit, Strikethrough (DPS)

Critical Mitigation, Armor, Glance, Deflect, Strikethrough (Tank)

Dominion Races: Cassian, Draken, Mechari
Exiles Races: Human, Granok, Mordesh

Warriors are unstoppable juggernauts on the battlefield, using a combination of heavy weaponry, powerful armor and advanced technology to take care of business.

Fearless bruisers that give as good as they get, Warriors are at their best when charging into the fray. Equipped with a heavy battle suit, and armed with a giant power sword and a plasma blasting arm cannon.

Gear Edit

Power sword

For ages, warriors throughout the galaxy would slice and dice their enemies with swords, only inevitably to find themselves confronted with something uncuttable. But then someone came up with the crazy idea of hooking a blade up to a fusion accelerator. The result? A marriage made in slaughterhouse heaven. Today's power swords come equipped with ten megatons of liquid awesome hurtage. In. Your. Fist.

Arm cannon

Think last year's Thermo-Nuclear Battle Gauntlet was the last word in extremity extreme? Well, stop thinking and listen, because this year we're talking the XL45 Hell Mitten: a supercharged deathgrip that'll have your enemies singing soprano for the rest of their three-second lives. This bad boy comes stocked with something for everyone to die from: a high-velocity ripsaw, 40M retractable battle harpoon, instant-activation riot shield, personal defense plasma barrier, and high-explosive destructo-missiles. Oh...and GPS. This ain't your gam-gam's battle gauntlet!

Brute force

Enough with the techno-yadda-yadda, egghead...Tactics are for wimps. In the end war's all about two good old-fashioned pastimes: ass-kickin' and face-stompin'. Which one you do with the back of your hand and which comes courtesy of your size 30 boot is up to you, ace.

Ability Resource Edit

The warriors' class-based resource is Kinetic Energy (KE). Kinetic Energy has a maximum value of 1000KE, which the warrior generates by executing builder abilities. Kinetic Energy also gradually decays over time while both in and out of combat. Many of the most powerful attacks and abilities in the warrior's arsenal are only possible after reaching thresholds of Kinetic Energy (usually at 250KE, 500KE, 750KE, and 1000KE).

Abilities Edit

Icon Name Level
Relentless Strikes Relentless Strikes 1
Power Strike Rampage 2
Leap Leap 4
Savage Strikes Savage Strikes 6
Ripsaw Ripsaw 6
Whirlwind Whirlwind 9
Augmented Blade Augmented Blade 11
Smackdown Smackdown 15
IconTremor Tremor* 20
Breaching Strikes Breaching Strikes 21
Icon Name Level
IconMenacingStrike Menacing Strike 6
IconJolt Jolt 9
IconPlasmaWall Plasma Wall 13
IconAtomicSpear Atomic Spear 15
IconPolarityField Polarity Field 18
Bolstering Strike Bolstering Strike* 18
IconExpulsion Expulsion 24
IconAtomicSurge Atomic Surge 27
Bum Rush Bum Rush 27
IconShieldBurst Shield Burst 31
Icon Name Level
Kick Kick 3
IconPlasmaBolt Plasma Blast 9
Flash Bang Flash Bang 11
Grapple Grapple 13
IconEmergencyReserves Emergency Reserves 15
Sentinel Sentinel 18
IconPowerLink Power Link* 18
IconDefenseGrid Defense Grid 21
IconUnstoppableForce Unstoppable Force 24
IconTetherBolt Tether Bolt 31
Items marked with * are unlocked through AMPs.


Assault Hybrid A/S Support Hybrid S/U Utility Hybrid A/U
Tier 1

[Critical Hit Severity]
[Assault Power]
[Critical Hit]


[Support Power]
[Deflect Critical Hit]

[PvP Defense]
[Maximum Shield Capacity]

[Dash Regen]
[CC Duration]

[Armor Pierce]
[PvP Offense]

Tier 2

[Power Hitter]

[Energy Banks]
[Kinetic Burst]
[Stance Dancer]
[Kinetic Amplifier]

[Full Force]
[MKII Battle Suit]
[Reserve Power]
[Kinetic Buffer]
[Full Defense]

[Health Sponge]
[Anti-Magic Armor]

[Kinetic Drive]
[Shock Absorber]
[Bust Out]
[Speed Burst]

[Cheap Shot]
[Festering Blade]
[Killing Spree]

Tier 3

[Overwhelming Presence]
[Kinetic Fury]

[Armor Shred]

[Bolstering Strike]
[To the Pain]

[Bring It]

[No Escape]
[Power Link]
[Can't Stop, Won't Stop]


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