IconExiles  Wayfarer's Passage
Type Quest
Level 9
MinLevel 6
Location Hijunga VillageCelestion
Rewards 42IconCopper
Reputation +94 Protectors of Celestion
+94 Lopp
Episode Gargantuan Troubles
Next Gargantuan Tale

Objectives Edit

Embark on the Hoverbike in Grimveil Enclave Ride the Hoverbike to its destination in Hijunga Village

Description Edit

Messenger Staenn in Grimveil Enclave was sent by Arwick Redleaf to give you message. Arwick asks that you attend to Queen Myala in Sylvan Glade. A hoverbike is ready and waiting for you.

Progress Edit

You headed to Sylvan Glade at Arwick Redleaf's request, only to be stoppped at Hijunga Village. It seems like they need some help.

Completion Edit

Speak with Chief Chugach in Hijunga Village

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