Scan data indicates the corruption within Grimvault long ago reached epidemic proportions, infecting nearly every form of life - biological and technological - contained within its walls. Given the rapid pace at which the phage can adapt and evolve, this confinement caused the Strain within Grimvault to develop extreme resistance to ordinary weapons and primal attacks.

The corruption within Grimvault has also proven extremely resistant to every known form of cure, meaning there is virtually no hope for any creatures or beings infected with so much as a single cell of corruption. The only remaining option is a stopgap bioweapon which could delay the spread of the Strain long enough to find a more permanent solution.

Zone guide Edit

Western Grimvault Subzones
Arborian Camp · Bio-Mech Facility Alpha · Boiling Cauldron · Corridor of Corruption · Cryomere · Genetic Archives (Instance) · Legion's Landing · Phagelabs · Silverwaste
Isigrol Zones
Blighthaven · Malgrave · Southern Grimvault · Western Grimvault
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