There are a host of zone maps that highlight all of the collectible elements of the game, including Datacubes, Journals, and Tales from the Fringe. Added to the mix are quest hubs, taxi locations, rare mobs for achievements, instances, and more!

Below are two examples of the maps - one for a major city and one for higher level characters. Following is a list of zones for each faction, as well as contested zones. Every link with Icon-Exploration has a map on that page.

Master legend
Icon Meaning
Icon mapnode map taxi Taxi
DatacubeBoth Datacube for both factions
DatacubeDominion Datacube for Dominion players only
DatacubeExiles Datacube for Exiles players only
JournalBoth Journal for both factions
JournalDominion Journal for Dominion players only
JournalExiles Journal for Exiles players only
TalesBoth Tales from the Fringe for both factions
TalesDominion Tales from the Fringe for Dominion players
TalesExiles Tales from the Fringe for Exiles players
Icon Meaning
Biology icon Rare mobs for specific Achievements
QuestHubNeutral Neutral quest hub
QuestHubDominion Dominion quest hub
QuestHubExiles Exiles quest hub
Icon windows ui crb archetype defensivehealer Location
Icon windows ui crb dead 01 World Boss and/or Public Event
InstanceAdventure Adventure location
InstanceShiphand Shiphand location
InstanceDungeon Dungeon location
InstanceRaid Raid location

Note that the two capital maps also have a 'Services' icon to better locate certain vendors.
Dominion Zones
Exiles Zones
Contested Zones
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